United States District Court
Eastern District of North Carolina
VISITOR INFORMATION: Mobile devices and weapons are not permitted in the courthouse. Please bring a photo ID.
Request to pay Camp Lejeune Justice Act Pro Hac Vice Fee

Please call (919.645.1700) with a credit card payment or mail in your check payment of $100.00 per case after submitting the form below.

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Please enter the case(s) to which the Pro Hac Vice motion applies:
Please include the entire case number including the judge assignment reference and separate each case number with a comma when entering more than one case number. (5:00-hc-00000-TL, 3:01-cr-00000-BO)

Email(s), please include both the requesting Pro Hac Vice attorney email and the local counsel email
Separate each email with a comma when entering more than one email(sample@test.com, sample@test2.edu, sample@test3.org)

The above email address(es) will be sent the receipt.