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Due to damage sustained during Hurricane Florence, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina announces the following:

- The Alton Lennon Federal Building and Courthouse in Wilmington is closed until further notice.
  The office of the Clerk of Court is temporarily located at 1717 Shipyard Blvd, Suite 200, Wilmington, NC 28403.

Please check this site for further updates.
Updated November 5, 2018 at 11:30 a.m.


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Attention all visitors: photo id's are required, no cell phones allowed, no weapons allowed. Click here for more details.

Courtrooms within the Eastern District of North Carolina are equipped with a variety of technologies. Please select a location below to familiarize yourself with what is being utilized at each location:


For any proceeding to take place via VTC, please first obtain a signed order from the judge and then submit this VTC Request Form.

New Bern

The Trial Courtroom in New Bern is equipped with a complete video technology suite.

  • High resolution monitors display the video presentation to everyone in the room.
  • Document cameras project and magnify documents or 3-D objects on the video presentation system.
  • Using the ELO Touchscreen Monitor, attorneys and witnesses can annotate images by drawing on the screen with their finger.
  • Other video input devices include VCR, DVD, connections for laptops, and auxiliary inputs.
  • The evidence control panel allows easy management of audio and video equipment functions.
  • Wireless microphones are available for use at the discretion of the court.
  • Realtime reporting is available through the resident court reporter. Please contact the Clerk's Office (252.638.8534) for more information.

Documentation on how to use the courtroom evidence presentation system can be found here.

Please refer to Standing Order 05-PLR-7 in regard to personal wireless and electronic equipment in courtroom facilities.

The court requires that users of this system be trained by our Automation personnel. To set up a training session, contact the courtroom deputy at (252) 638-8534 at least two weeks prior to your court date. All counsel planning to utilize the evidence presentation system also must test their hardware and software no less than two business days prior to the scheduled proceeding to ensure system compatability. Training and testing are subject to the availability of the courtroom.


document camera, control screen and ELO Touchscreen
(click to enlarge)